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Monday, March 28, 2011

You've GOT to see THIS!

This is the just released book trailer for Jessica Bell's highly anticipated debut novel, String Bridge. Not only is this trailer hauntingly beautiful, but its music track features Jessica singing the lyrics and accompanying herself on the guitar. She IS my definition for crazy-talented!

Enjoy the video first, then read on to learn how you can be in the running to win fabulous book prizes, including signed copies of String Bridge!

Here's a blurb from Jessica's blog post today:

I would really like to get the trailer for String Bridge circulating around the Internet. Do you think you could help me out?.....It's easy. All you have to do is link to my BOOK TRAILER somewhere on the web. In return, I am giving away FIVE books (from a choice of fifteen) -- so that's FIVE WINNERS (open internationally)....

For all the contest information, shoot over to Jessica's blog post (LINK here). See you there!!

Oh, and Jessica? Congrats on this awesome trailer, and on all your successes, present and future!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun Galore

Lots of great bloggy peeps and activities to pimp!  Here's what you don't want to miss:

If you've been visiting writers' blogs in the past week or so, you've definitely noticed this photo on sidebars everywhere.  Rachael Harrie @Rach Writes is launching this event for the second time, after the huge success of the first Writer's Platform-Building Crusade.  Become a Crusader and join us as we network with authors within our genres and outside.  Event is underway and runs from February 1st to April 30th.  Full details and sign-ups HERE

Don't forget: Next Wednesday, February 16th, is the Bernard Pivot Blogfest. To date, there are 95 bloggers playing along, but since the questionnaire is only 10 questions, it'll be quick reading and so easy to hit tons of blogs that day.  You'll meet dozens of new people, hopefully gain new followers, and share about yourself.  Fun!  Still plenty of time to sign up HERE.


Lola Sharp @Sharp Pen/Dull Sword is one of the sweetest bloggy friends I know!  Her giveaway is all about paying it forward, supporting each other in our writerly and personal pursuits, and spreading the love around.  Visit her blog on any given day and you'll be met with colorful, uplifting posts that do just that.  The prizes in this particular giveaway are awesome, but it's about more than that.  It's all about the rewards you reap from being the wind beneath another's wings.  Get in on it today, click HERE.

DL Hammons over at Cruising Altitude is celebrating a fantastic following of +600!  And because he's a mystery writer, and because he's highly creative and all-around awesome, DL has crafted a murder for us to solve.  To play along, read the murder-mystery short story HERE.  Then, hunt for clues that have been posted on the sidebars of 37 fellow bloggers.  (Psst....look at MY sidebar...)  Next week, DL will post a list of those 37 clue-toting blogs to help those out who haven't found enough to break the case.  Everyone who plays along gets a chance to win a prize, but those who solve the case risk to win more!  Full details HERE.

If you're looking for contests to join, I have a couple listed on my right sidebar.  If you know of any I can get in on, leave me the 411 in a comment!

And lastly, I have created an account with DropBox.  I have a question for those of you that use it.  Do you drop your files to save/archive/protect into your DropBox, or do you put a COPY of the files in?  It seems like to copy would be to double the memory it takes on my hard drive, but to drop means I no longer have a copy on my hard drive??  Is that smart/safe??  What if the files are compromised?  Maybe I don't fully understand.  All advice and tips are welcome and appreciated!

My sister's coming from Florida for a visit, so I won't be around.  Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celebrate With Jessica Bell!

Okay, I know I said yesterday my blog posts would be more scarce in November, and here I am posting outside my regular MWF schedule on a Thursday...

(Crazy, right-brained creative -- see why it's so hard for me to focus on schedules??)

This isn't actually a blog post, you see.  It's more of an announcement.

Jessica Bell at The Alliterative Allomorph is nearing the 400 followers milestone, and she wants to celebrate with you!  Just click HERE to visit her blog and see why it's one of the best in all of Blogland.

To enter for a chance to win one of several Amazon gift cards, be a follower and comment on her contest post.  (Commenting here won't enter you in the contest...but I'd love to hear from you :D)  That's it!  Easy-peesy.  And the best part is everyone is a winner, 'cause Jessica's blog is one you'll want to read every day!

Okay, we now return to the regularly scheduled mini-blog hiatus.  And I'm off to close the door and write.

See you on the flip-side!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kowalski, progress report!


The speculative fiction short I wrote for a contest that I blogged about in Monday's post got me through to the Final Round!

When the contest began on August 30th, there were nineteen competitors.  Based on the entries in each of three rounds, participants were eliminated.  Now, there are just three of us left standing.

Tonight at 10:00 p.m. (EST) the final prompt will be posted.  I'll have two weeks to write my entry.  When the entries are judged, the winner will be announced, as well as second and third place winners.  Wish me luck!

And, for anyone dying to read my story (*snort*), here's the link again:

Happy Hump Day to All!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Have You Heard?

The super talented, extremely generous, and all-around gorgeous Shannon Whitney Messenger has announced the first part of her Mega-Epic-Contest-of-Awesome.  She has SO much prize swag to give away, she had to break her contest up.  That means more chances for us to win!

So what's up for grabs now, in M.E.C.A. Part One? 

FIVE ARCs by awesome authors, whose books release next month!

You must be a Shannon Whitney Messenger follower to enter, so if it's your first time visiting her, please mention I sent you :D  (Enter before August 21st)

Click HERE to enter today!

I'm doing a lot of writing this week, so I'll appear absent.  I will be reading your blogs, but I'm going to restrict my commenting time.  You know how it is: sometimes, you have to just write! :D  Thinking of you and hoping you have a fab week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vive la France Contest

It's contest time!!

Between June 18th and July 12th, I will be in the beautiful country of France, and I want to share my experiences with all of you!  My blogger friends have become so dear to me -- and staying connected with you makes my life richer.  I've been too busy this week, in preparing for the trip, to visit most of your blogs -- but I have found a way to make it up to you.  Contest!!

Here's how it will work:

I will be scouring the markets and village artisan shops while on vacation, searching for the perfect gift, something that goes beyond "souvenir" -- something that reflects France or the French culture.  That, my dearies, will be the prize to win!

I've prepared nine blog posts that are scheduled to auto-post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that I'm away.  The posts are fun glimpses into life in France and my experiences while I lived there.  I know you'll enjoy them!

Entering the contest is easy-peesy!  All you have to do is be a follower and leave me comments.  You will receive one entry for each post you comment on between today and the last auto-post, scheduled on July 9th.  In other words, if you comment today AND on each of the nine scheduled posts, you will accumulate a total of 10 entries!

Wanna add 5 entries to your name?  Link this post in a blog or your sidebar to help me advertise, and I'll throw your name in the pot 5 extra times!  (Be sure to let me know in one of your comments, so I don't miss it :D)

Contest ends at midnight (EST) the day I return, on July 12th.  Winner will be announced on July 14th!

I'll miss you all, and I can't wait to get caught up by reading and commenting on your blogs when I return.

A bientรดt!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Literary Nod

I wrote a Tuesday Teaser post a while back, highlighting an excerpt from a creative nonfiction story about my brief kidnapping by Central African rebels.  The story has been entered in a contest since the end of January.  I would link the excerpt here, but I removed it from the post because judging was still underway.

I learned yesterday that In the Face of Danger received an Honorable Mention in the 29th New Millennium Writings Contests, which had a deadline of January 31, 2010.


Edited and published by Don Williams, here's how the literary magazine introduces itself on its website:  Welcome to New Millennium Writings, a journal filled with vibrant imagery, word-craft and pure story-telling talent. NMW is a Winner of a Golden Press Card Award for Excellence.

And here are some accolades by industry insiders:

“I found this to be one of the most powerful literary experiences I've ever had. For anyone who gives a whit about writing or the human condition,New Millennium Writings should be required reading.” —Kane S. Latranz, Alibi

“Fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that will feed your soul.”—New Pages

“Best Reading for Spring, 2010.”—The Montserrat Review

“The works of the best new authors in fiction, non-fiction and poetry are stunningly presented in each volume.”—Direct Communications

“Highly recommended. NMW is one of our favorite journals.”—Winning Writers

New Millennium Writings has published regularly since 1996, in both the online format and in literary magazine-style bound "book," but in the past years their issues have gone down from biannual to one issue per year.  The first place award winners from the two contests this year will be published in the 2011 issue due out this winter, as well as some honorable mentions.

In the most recent issue, No. 19 (the cover graces this post), only three Nonfiction stories were published.
Going back to issue No. 18 (2008-9), there were six Nonfiction stories published.

Keep your fingers crossed that In the Face of Danger will be published in issue No. 20, coming in Winter 2011!

It's good to feel encouraged; this nod has certainly stoked my fires again.
What's fanned your writing flames lately?

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Very Vampire May Giveaway

The lovely Sara McClung over at Babbling Flow is having a fantastic contest you won't want to miss!

A Very Vampire May Giveaway is underway and your chance to enter for some amazing prizes expires on June 2nd, so hop on over there today!  Otherwise, you won't be in the running for:

1.  A signed, hardcover copy of Twilight, plus four keepsake journals and a collectible tin.
2.  A hardcover, signed, first edition copy of Anne Rice's The Vampire Armand.
3.  The first three of Chalaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Series -- all signed!
4.  Christopher Moore's Vampire Trilogy -- all three signed!
5.  Bram Stoker's Dracula AND The Vampire Book: Encyclopedia of the Undead

    For full details and Mr. Linky sign up sheet, CLICK HERE!

    And don't forget!  The League of Extraordinary Writers is a fab new website formed by debut dystopian and sci fi authors.  They're hosting a wonderful giveaway that ends May 31st.  Click HERE for details!

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Spread the Awesome Contest Winner

    Congratulations to Liz S.!!!

    By roll of the virtual dice (a handy feature at!), Liz's comment number 65 was drawn, making her the winner of my Spread the Awesome Contest!

    Liz won a copy of Among the Hidden, the first book in the seven part Shadow series by
    Margaret Peterson Haddix
    a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble!

    (Liz, please email me your mailing address to heftynicki(at)writing(dot)com.  Thanks!!)

    Thanks to everyone who follows my blog!  Meeting you, reading your comments each day, and having the opportunity to follow your blogs make my blogging experience rich and truly amazing.

    Have a wonderful weekend! 

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Extra! Extra! (Contests!!)

    Don't miss out on these two fab giveaway contests!

    The fabulous Carolina Valdez Miller of Carol's Prints is celebrating surpassing 300 followers.  Whoot!  Her blog is top-notch, and I love her energy.  She's giving away a TON of signed books, y'all!  Click here, click here!!
    And, every time she gets 50 more followers between now and May 25th, she's adding prize packages, so spread the word :))

    The incomparable Simon Larter of Constant Revision  is celebrating more than 250 followers with an awesome, vodka-soaked, iambic metered contest.  All you have to do to enter is follow him and fill out the high-tech form, but you up your chances of winning when you follow his prompts and write a piece of flash fiction or metered poetry.  Lots of fun and great prizes!  Click here to read all about it!

    Other great contests to enter today are:

    Noelle Nolan's 150 Followers Contest!

    Good luck everyone!

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Awards and Announcements

    First off, thank you to everyone who provided feedback on my WiP excerpt.  I will leave it up through today with the hopes of drawing more reactions, so vital to my writing process.  After today, I'll take it down, as it is the first draft of a current project.  Click here to read it :)


    carbon neutral coupon with

    Help celebrate Earth Day tomorrow, April 21 by neutralizing your blog's carbon emissions. How? By participating in a joint effort by "Make It Green" and "Arbor Day Foundation." It couldn't be simpler:

    1. Click the Leaf Logo above, taking you to a website that explains the program.

    2. Copy the HTML code for one of the buttons (like the one above)and paste it on your blog's sidebar. Blog about the program to increase awareness and boost participation.

    3. Email your blog URL to

    4. For your blog, one tree will be planted in Plumas National Forest in Northern California by “Arbor Day Foundation” our partner in US for the “My blog is carbon neutral” initiative!

    How will planting a tree in California help reduce a blog's emissions in, say, Georgia? Here's what initiative organizers say: "We plant trees, both in Germany (in the upper Harz region) and in Northern California. Why are we doing this? Because the reduction of carbon emissions by planting trees has the same effect, regardless of where in the world the trees are planted. It involves all of us to give something back to our environment." (Read more HERE)


    Thank you to Courtney at Southern Princess and Lola at Sharp Pen/Dull Sword for the Sweet Blog Award! I love both these blogs, so check them out if you haven't already!!

    I'm passing it along to:

    Jade @ Chasing Pavements -- She has a published short story, check it the link from her post yesterday!
    Michelle Teacress
    Mary @ Play off the Page
    Angie @ Answering the What If
    Ellen @ Pink Tea and Paper

    Sweet Dominique at En Violet passed me the Beautiful Blogger award.  Please be sure to visit her today!

    This one asks me to share 7 things about myself.  In the spirit of keeping things lively (and I think I've shared all the fun facts about me already!), I'm going to share seven things I did yesterday to make my day a success:

    1. Ate a mixture of Shredded Wheat and organic granola for breakfast.
    2. Ran three miles on the treadmill.
    3. Lifted weights: super set of Smith machine squats and Sumo squats; super set targeting biceps and triceps
    4. Wrote 3,000+ words of chapter four.
    5. Emailed an old friend from college.
    6. Cheered my daughter and her team to softball victory, pulling ahead 16-14 in the bottom of the last inning.
    7. Renewed Catching Fire at the library and promised myself I'd finish it by this weekend.

    I'm passing this award on to:

    Shannon McMahon
    Alexandra @ The Publication Follies of Alexandra Shostak
    Wendy @ On 'n' On 'n' On
    Tiana Smith
    Laura @ Wavy Lines

    Thank you to the most awesome author/blogger Wendy Ramer at On 'n' On 'n' On -- Because a Writer Always has Something to Say for the Butterfly Award.  Wendy's blog always puts a smile on my face.  Check out her site today!

    This award goes to:

    Jessica @ The Alliterative Allomorph
    Harley @ Labotomy of a Writer
    Lilah Pierce
    Jenn Johansson
    Tory @ Head in the Clouds

    I'd like to thank Cherie at Surrounded by Books for the Blogger BFF award.  Cherie's multi-talented and her blog is wonderful.  Drop by today!

    This award goes to:

    Anne at Piedmont Writer
    Shelley at Stories of the Ordinary
    Summer at ...And This Time, Concentrate
    DL at Cruising Altitude
    Simon at Constant Revision

    And, thank you to the warm and hilarious Roxy at A Woman's Write.  If you don't read Roxy every day, I encourage you to start!

    I'm passing the Awesomesauce award on to:

    Sarah at Falen Formulates Fiction
    Crimey at Crimogenic
    Terry at Gardner West, Private Eye
    Amber at Musings of Amber Murphy
    Roland at Writing in the Crosshairs

    Noelle Nolan's 150 Followers Contest!

    Update!!  Here is the response I received after emailing the "My Blog is Carbon Neutral" Initiative this morning (email address is above in this post):

    Hi Nicole,

    thank you so much for participating in our initiative and making your blog carbon neutral! Your tree will be planted this month by the Arbor Day Foundation. The scheduled start plant date was Monday, April 19 and the trees will be planted by a contracted crew. The roads are being plowed, all contracts solidified, and twelve shipments of 150,000 seedling each are being assembled. We thank you for the support!

    There are still some trees looking for a sponsor. So if you know some people who have a blog or website, pass it on and we'll make their blogs carbon neutral too!


    Very cool!  Come on, go green today!

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Contest Announcements!

    It's a gorgeous day here in the Altanta area, and I'm spending it outside with hubby and the kids. We were up ridiculously early, for a "day off," to merged with the lighter-than-normal rush hour traffic and arrived at the French Embassy in Buckhead by 8:45 a.m. The three "Frenchies" in the family now have their updated passports for our trip to France in June. Now back home, they have zipped over to a gardening shop to buy a truckload of top soil, and I have a minute to dash off a quick blog post.

    Here are some great contests you don't want to miss out on!

    Tawna Fenske's @ Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing is a talented writer with THREE romantic comedies scheduled for release beginning in August 2011. Her blog posts are informative, inspirational, and often hilarious! Help her celebrate reaching 100 followers in only two months by joining her give-away. The prize is too good to pass up!! (*wink*)

    The fabulous Roxy @ A Woman's Write is celebrating 200 followers with her Blogging Buddies Give-Away Contest. Way to go, Roxy!

    Christine Danek at Christine's Journey has surpassed 100 followers and is having a give-away contest with fab prize. (I hope I win this one!!) Visit her today :)

    Christina Farley @ Chocolate for Inspiration is giving away some AWESOME prizes, all of which are from the country setting of her WiP: Korea! Help her celebrate surpassing her 100 followers milestone by visiting her and entering the contest today!

    Shannon Messenger @ Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe has an agent!! Way to go, Shannon! Living the dream, how exciting! To celebrate, she's hosting a fantastic contest and giving away SIX books, each SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! Visit Shannon and sign up today :)

    Karen Akins @ Novels During Naptime has also surpassed the 100 followers mark. Her celebratory give-away features gorgeous writing supplies and a bead bracelet that matches one she has. I want to be bracelet twins with Karen, don't you?

    Noelle Nolan @ A life Rewritten is giving away an Amazon gift card as soon as she reaches 100 followers. Let's get her there quickly! Visit her today and sign up to follow. You'll be making a wonderful new friend and supporting a published author and her platform!

    There you have it, some fantastic contests to enter, all of which end in the next week or two (check my sidebar for deadlines).

    And, if you know of other contests I can enter and promote, leave me the blogger's URL in a comment. I'll let them know you sent me!

    Happy Easter Weekend, everyone!

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Alternate Version Blogfest Entry

    I'm going to share my blogfest entry in a minute, but first I want to explain this photo. As usual, I was up and at my computer around 5:45 this morning. My daughter woke early, even though it's Spring Break, but I didn't realize she was up. When I came down from my office for a bathroom break, this is what I found. Sidney had transformed the hall bathroom into a crime scene. It's the first, I'm sure, of many April Fool's gags to come today.

    Actually, this pic is a perfect illustration for today's post, since a crime has definitely been committed in this blog entry. The following exercise was prepared for Livia Blackburne's Alternate Version Blogfest. We were challenged to take a scene from our story and re-write it in another style.

    Writing in other genres, or different styles, is hard for me! The grooves in my author's fingerprints run deep. But, in the spirit of trying something new and stretching the old writing muscles, here it goes.

    This excerpt is taken from a short story called When Opposites Attract. I was already way outside my comfort zone when I wrote the story, which was penned for a contest that only accepted Speculative Fiction. Below is the original snippet, and then a new version written with the flare of drama/chick lit romance. (Although, even I don't think: (A)That's actually a real genre; and (B)that I hit my mark. :P)

    Original Version

    Marla caught up to him and matched his long stride. “No shit, Robb. But that’s not the point. The Federation did take over and you no longer have clearance to be here. Disobeying the Federation is an act of treason. If you’re caught…”

    He spun on her, grabbing her arm in a vice-like grip. “Now why would I get caught?”

    His tone was dangerous, threatening. How far before a stretched rubber band breaks? He’d already come close to the edge of reason with Marla recently, when he’d walked in on her and Steve. That day, he’d understood how people can snap, grab a weapon and take out a few well-deserving people. In the dark days that'd followed, he’d fantasized about tying Marla up, torturing her until she hurt as much as he did. He’d been pathetic, twisted by tormented emotions, but he’d gotten a grip on himself. He'd resolved to be content on hurting her in small ways every chance he got, with spiteful words and defamatory rumors, little pressure valve acts to release his emotional tension and avoid a massive explosion. But the pain was still fresh. God help her if she pushed him now.

    Marla was the one to break his gaze. She looked away, hugging her files to her chest. He turned and marched on, though he was aware of her soft footfalls behind him.

    Alternate Version

    Marla caught up to him, the rapid-fire clacks of her stilettos echoing down the corridor. “Please, Robb! That’s not the point. You can’t be caught here; it’s too dangerous. You just can’t!”

    He stopped and turned, his right eyebrow raised. “Now, why would I get caught, sweetheart?”

    His voice oozed sarcasm. What did this pretty little thing know about Federation business? Not to say she wasn’t a bright woman, she was employed here, wasn’t she? His eyes drifted down from her face, settling on the rise of suntanned flesh peeking out of her low-cut blouse. Robb released a loud sigh, meeting Marla’s eyes again.

    “I appreciate your concern, really I do. Hey, I have an idea,” he added brightly. “Why don’t I give you the keys to my Porche. You go on down and wait for me there, and when I’m finished here, I’ll buy you that drink we keep talking about.”

    He noticed she didn’t blink her ice blue eyes. She’d turned down his advances twice already, but when you’re dealing with a goddess like Marla, it was worth another shot. His smile waned to a smirk in the vacuum of her silence. Time was wasting, but he gave her another ten seconds to decide.

    Marla was the one to break his gaze. She looked away, hugging her files to her chest. He turned and marched on, though he was aware of the clickity-clack of her shoes behind him.


    If you're interested in reading someone's entry who did a fantastic job with this challenge, visit Jen Brubacher @ Scribo Ergo Sum I loved reading her snippets and thought she really captured each different genre's style (she did three!)

    And I hope you check out the other participants' blogs today. Find the Mr. Linky list by clicking HERE.

    Have a fab day!

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Cool Contest @ Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe!

    Shannon Messenger at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe has surpassed the 400 follower mark! To celebrate, she's running a cool contest that you are going to want in on!!

    Listen to the prize...a SIGNED copy of Becca Fitzpatrick's New York Times bestseller Hush, Hush

    The drawing will be on March 26th -- SIGN UP TODAY BY CLICKING HERE

    And now, because I'm so happy to have made progress on my WIP, after weeks of agonizing writer's block, I want to share this goofy-ass pic with you! Anne at Piedmont Writer was my inspiration, after writing a post yesterday about the tremendous creative gush she enjoyed while working on her new WIP. Something about what she shared struck a chord with me, doors in my head swung open, the fear was dispelled, and IT FELT GREAT!!

    [Update: Anne let me know that Sarah over at Falen Formulates Fiction inspired her with the idea to spread out scene cards across her table and plot out some of her novel. I've been reading Sarah's awesome blog for months, and I love her quick wit and creative voice. Especially fun are her Friday posts, when she makes up words and defines them for us. Hilarious! If you don't follow Sarah yet, shoot over there and say hello!]

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    And the Winner is...

    Shelley, I'll contact you via email to get your mailing 411!

    To all my blog followers and new friends, thank you so much for your warm welcome into the world of blogging. I look forward each day to reading what you have to say on your blogs and drawing inspiration from your comments on my posts. You guys are the best!

    In particular, let me say thank you to those who have reached out to me since Friday. I'm crossing one of life's rough patches and your words of encouragement have eased the heaviness in my heart more than you know. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

    Here's to a GREAT week, for everyone!

    Friday, March 5, 2010


    Here are some fab contests you won't want to miss out on:

    Guinevere at This Is Not My Day Job is having a contest to celebrate her 100+ followers. She's giving away two prize packages that include books and a hobo purse, inspired by Shards of Glass.

    Noelle Nolan at A Life Unwritten is generating a strong following with her 150 Followers Contest. Once she reaches that magic number, she'll have a drawing for an Amazon gift card. Sign up to follower her today!

    Sara at The Babbling Flow of a Fledgling Scribbler is having a major give-away contest, "Saradise Style!" She put the prizes up for grabs in a slide show -- too cool! Enter her March Madness Contest before March 22nd.

    Hurry over to Sarah Jayne's blog at Writing in the Wilderness before 6:00 p.m. EST TODAY to get in on her celebration contest for reaching over 50 followers in just two months! Win a $20 gift card of your choice (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.)

    And, Lindsay's Show Me Your Dangerous Contest is so much fun; share your "dangerous" story, scene from your WIP, poem, etc. I had a blast reading everyone else's posts! Zip over there before March 15th to play along!

    Remember this....
    Check your blogger profile page! When you sign on as my follower, I like to return the favor. I'm always sad when a new follower joins me on my blogging journey, and I click their picture... only to find there's no blog link to lead me chez eux. If you don't edit your profile page to include a link to your blog, I won't be able to find your corner of cyberspace :(

    If you follow me and I don't follow you, please leave a comment with your blog's URL. Thanks!!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Monday, March 1, 2010


    Exactly two months ago, on December 29, 2009, I nervously launched my blog. I had no idea how much I would love idea how many amazing people I would idea how rewarding it would be to hear other creative writers talk about their crafts. Here I am, still the giddy novice, reveling in the joy that comes with realizing people are actually reading what I have to say each day, when in the midst of this blissful, whirlwind experience I realize I've almost arrived at THE first major blogging milestone. So, in the grand tradition of celebrating one hundred "Significant" followers, I'm hosting a Give-Away!

    In a drawing on March 15th, a lucky winner will receive:

    A signed copy of The Writer's Bump Anthology, Volume One, in which my first published short story appears! (*does the goofy Arsenio Hall "woh-woh-woh" fist thing*)

    In addition, I'll include a Barnes and Noble gift card worth $25!

    You have to follow my blog to be entered in the Give-Away. Here's what to do to maximize your chances to win:

    Leave a comment telling me you stopped by = 1 pt.
    Sign up as a New Follower = 1 pt.
    Current Follower = 2 pts.
    Blog about this contest = 1 pt.
    Add a link to this post on your sidebar = 1 pt.
    In your comment, tell me which you prefer, Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate :) = 2 pts.

    Bonus: For every 25 new followers that sign up before the Give-Away on March 15th, I'll include another cool prize!

    Thank you, Significant Followers, for welcoming me with open arms, for encouraging me to be more diligent writer, and for inspiring me with your creative talent!