Friday, April 8, 2011

'G' is for...?

Welcome to 'G' Day at my blog! Those who have visited during the A-Z Blogfest know that Jessica Bell and I are writing partners.  Before the fest began, we generated a list of 26 words -- nouns the are emotions/feelings/states of mind.  Each day we work from the same prompt word, and write fictional paragraphs with characters who 'show' the emotion/etc.  My 'G' entry is below.  After you read it, guess in the comments what emotion/etc. I've depicted.  Then follow the link to Jessica's blog and read her entry!

(Btw, yesterday's word was 'Frustration.' J)

Without further ado, here is my offering of the day:

Franklin pressed his stubbled cheek against the upstairs front bedroom windowpane, like he used to do when he was a kid and wanted to see farther up the street than normal view allowed.  The sun was right overhead but the mailman was still out of sight.  He skipped to the computer desk where the package routing screen confirmed delivery was today at noon.  He refreshed the page, but the info didn’t change.  A grin cracked his face and his stomach did another airy flip.

He wandered to the mirror.  First, he struck a regal pose; one Mr. Albert Einstein might have struck for a photographer.  Then he hunched his shoulders, bringing his hands in front and curling his fingers like claws.  He snickered like a mad scientist, and the crazed look in his eyes was so convincing he broke out into his normal, jovial laughter.

Down on the street, the shrill sound of brakes sounded.  Franklin brought his watch to his face.  Twelve-oh-two!  He ran out the bedroom door with the vigor of a child, grinning from ear to ear.  If he’d have dared, he’d have ridden the banister to the foyer.  Down the steps he raced, excitement tickling him from the inside out, heart pounding.  He reached for the knob just as the doorbell sounded.

Any guesses?  Looking forward to your comments!  And here's a link to Jessica's 'G' post!

Thanks for reading!!