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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Farewell to LOST

Tonight airs the series finale of LOST, a television show that has intrigued and entertained me for five years.  I was hooked at the pilot and have never missed an episode.  The writers have created what is, for me, the perfect blend of a character-driven story and a gripping, tension-filled plot that keeps me on the edge of my seat week after week.  I don't want to see it end!

Although I am a huge fan of LOST, I will not be spending my hard earned cash on these marketing products:

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Me?  I'm going to pass on the merchandise and stick to watching the finale tonight.  However...I may consider buying the LOST series on DVD.  Truth be told, even though I've never missed an episode, I am still rather lost from all the twists and turns the story has taken.  This is one series I look forward to watching again (and again...)!

Hope your weekend is going great!