Thursday, April 21, 2011

'R' is for...?

Yesterday's "Quirky" post was a blast to write.  Thanks for all your lovely comments and guesses!

Today's 'R' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what emotion  I've described that begins with 'R'.  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember,Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

Here goes:

From his sprawled position on the ground, Hamilton grinned as the referee raise the yellow card in the air.  But when he pointed down at Hamilton, his face contorted.  “You’re calling foul on me?” he roared at the ref.  “Number Four tripped ME!”

He sprang to his feet, his cleats leaving scars in the grassy turf.  He strode to the referee who faced the scorekeeping table on the sideline.  Into the ref’s right ear, he shouted, “What kind of call is this, hey?  I think you need glasses, chief.  You can’t see right!”  Spittle landed on the referee’s sideburn.

The ref looked him in the face, warned him to settle down.  Hamilton fired one more insult.

“Their shit team put you on their goddamn payroll before the match?”  He turned to walk back to his position, but the ref was right on his heels.  Over his shoulder, Hamilton saw the flash of the red card.  Lava churned in his gut and he stamped his foot, releasing a tirade too foul to reprint here.


What emotion do you think I've described here?  And please visit Jessica's blog when you're through leaving me a comment.  I love hearing from you!