Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'E' is For...?

Thanks to everyone for commenting yesterday -- our prompt word of the day was 'Disgust'.  For those who are new to my blog today, Jessica Bell and I are A-Z Blogfest writing partners!  We've chosen a list of words, all nouns, that refer to particular emotions / feelings / states of mind.  Today, based on my fictional paragraph(s) below, try to guess in the comments what 'E' emotion/etc. I've depicted.  Then, follow the link at the bottom to Jessica's post and read her take on our prompt word! 

Here's my 'E' entry:

The upscale store teemed with Saturday afternoon shoppers, business-women in search of the perfect suit and ladies in need of a special occasion outfit.  Amanda had been assisting customers for hours and her feet were beginning to feel snug in her peek-a-boo pumps.  A stout woman approached her.  As she asked where she’d find the blouse dressed on the mannequin in the window, Amanda noted she wore no make-up to mask her motherly glow.

Leading the woman toward the rear of the shop, Amanda asked over her shoulder, “So, when is your baby due?”

The hesitation lasted one stride of Amanda’s pump, but it was enough to send her blood rushing to her cheeks.

“I am not pregnant.”

The urge to dive into a rack of dresses or lock herself in a dressing room had never been stronger.


Any guesses?  And don't forget to visit Jessica's blog HERE.  See you there!