Friday, April 1, 2011

'A' Is for...??

The A-Z Blogfest is finally here!  And ‘cause that’s how we roll, Jessica Bell and I have teamed up -- once again -- as writing partners.  We decided to challenge ourselves with identical A-Z prompt words. 

Together, we created our list of twenty-six nouns, all of which are emotions.   Each day, we will each write a paragraph showing a character feeling that emotion.  It’s going to be fun for us to read what the other has come up with!  And, hopefully it will be fun for our blog visitors, too.  

Here’s how we want to draw you into our little fest: Say, for example, the prompt for A (today) was 'Acceptance' (it's not, btw).  You read my post, and then, awesome reader, you have the opportunity to GUESS in the comments what emotion my character portrayed.  After, click the link at the bottom of my post to visit Jessica’s blog and read her paragraph.  Still think you guessed the right emotion, based on her flash?  We’d can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Here's my 'A' Entry:

Caty screamed, at the pain, at the pain.  Relentless, it crashed in overlapping waves, drowning every corner of her mind and every inch of her body.   The world was one, giant, cruel vortex, pulling her down, down and inside-out.  She gasped, gulping the air, and screamed again.  From somewhere Gary’s voice floated, reminding her to pant.  She spat a string of stinging obscenities at him.  Another voice, commanding, insisting, announced that this was "it."  The voice called her name, twice.  It ordered her to focus now; now, now you push.  Harder, Caty.  That’s it, here she comes, Caty.  And Gary’s voice coached in her ear; his gentle hands held her under the arms, pushed forward on her back, his strength seeping through her skin and into her soul.  And she was one with the pain, the pain was one with her.

Gary eased Caty back against the pillows, as the doctor laid the baby in her arms.  Giant navy eyes stared up at her.  Caty stared, stared back.  The pain was gone.  Gary wiped a stringy strand of hair to the side of Caty’s brow, and a tear fell and mingled with her sweat when he kissed her forehead.  She couldn’t think, couldn’t process what her eyes saw, her ears heard, her heart felt.  Her daughter was here, she was her.  She was the most beautiful thing Caty had ever seen, and she was really here.

So, can you guess the emotion (a noun) depicted in this piece that begins with the letter ‘A’? (Hint: The prompt word I share with Jessica is gleaned from the second paragraph, but I can think of an emotion or two that fits the first paragraph.  Guess at both, if you like!)  All guesses and thoughts in general are welcome!  And please shoot over to Jessica’s blog to read her interpretation of our ‘A-prompt word.  Here’s the link!