Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awards and an Announcement

I received a couple awards last week, and I wanted to pass them along today!

Thank you, Lydia at The World is My Oyster for this pretty award!

Lydia's blog is inspirational and informative on so many levels.  Her topics range from writing tips to fantastic medical insights that have, on many occasions, sparked ideas for future stories.  I hope you check her blog out today!

This award goes to:

Theresa @ Substitute Teacher's Saga - 'Cause school's almost out!
Christine @ Christine's Journey - 'Cause I love her "Writing the Next Line" interactive story series.
Laurel @ Laurel's Leaves - 'Cause we both posted blogfest entries this week with characters named Dani. Read Laurel's HERE.

Tory at Head in the Clouds passed this beautiful award to me.  When I visit Tory's blog, I'm reminded of walking into a friend's house, where I can sit with my feet tucked under me on the couch or help myself to a glass of water without asking first.  Her posts are always upbeat and insightful.  If you haven't discovered this wonderful blogger, I hope you visit her today!

This award goes to:

Julie Jarnagin - 'Cause she finished her most recent first draft this week!  Whoo-hoo!
Lisa Gibson @ Random Thoughts to String Together - 'Cause her creative talent includes poetry.  For a taste, enjoy And Yet.
Julie Musil - 'Cause she's spreading the word about Border's summer reading incentive program for kids under 12! (Details in her post!)
Gina @ Passions on Paper - 'Cause she's got a wonderful sense of humor...and...*see below!*

I hope you visit all these fab bloggers today!

The lovely and hilarious Gina Leigh Maxwell, the next great voice of the Paranormal Fantasy genre, will interview me on her blog, Passions on Paper.
It's part of a wonderful series Gina hosts once a week called FAN-tastic Friday.

See you there tomorrow!