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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Do It!

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So, yesterday was a pretty crappy day.  A few loose ends had become frayed from neglect and required my full attention.  Spinning them back into resolvable strands I could tie up took all morning and most of the afternoon, leaving me exhausted and depressed.  But every terrible experience has its lessons to teach, so here's what was reinforced in my mind yesterday:

Photobucket Don't put off unpleasant tasks.  Deal with them.  Or they'll seem worse over time and you'll begin to loose sleep.

Photobucket Schedule time each week to deal with crap you hate to deal with.  I'm supposed to take care of unpleasant tasks on Friday mornings -- but it's been weeks since the last time I did.  Staying on top of matters, and out in front of potential problems, will make your life happier.

Photobucket Organization is key.  Don't put an important piece of paper on the corner of your desk because you're "sure you'll remember that's where you put it."  At the very least, keep a file folder for papers that need dealing with.  Name it something like "Friday Folder" (or whatever day of the week you deem 'Unpleasant Task Day'), or "Deal With Me, Dammit!" and keep it in a prominent or visible place on your desk.

Photobucket And the most important thing I remembered?  I'm human.  I make mistakes.  I get lazy, choosing to do the stuff I like to do over shouldering my responsibilities.  And it's okay.  I made a couple nice messes with that behavior, but I worked it all out.  I'm still healthy and alive.  The world is still spinning.  (And no, I am NOT responsible for that massive snow and ice storm some of you are dealing with today.)

Photobucket  But I can do better.  And I will.  Promise.

Do you have anything hanging over your head you should have dealt with like, um, last week?  Why not take care of it today.  You'll feel better, and you may even sleep better tonight!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I commit...

If someone could photograph the workings of my brain, this is what it would look like. My thoughts are like the concentric paths of each ring. If I don't concentrate my efforts, force organization into my methods, the effect is the same as letting your eyes drift to the side of this image. My rings start spinning independent of the others and before I realize what's happened, I've lost two productive hours of my day.

In support of my natural and near-nonexistent left-brain talents, I'm devising a writing schedule for my WIP. I work best with looming deadlines, so here's my plan of action:

I have until I leave for France to complete and print out the Snowflake Method outline for Overcome. I leave on June 18, so:

By April 3: Step Six -- One week to expand one page story synopsis into a four-page synopsis.

By April 10: Step Seven -- One week to expand character synopsis into detailed character charts.

By May 1: Step Eight -- From four-page story synopsis, create scenes. [Plot scenes on spreadsheet and decide chapter breaks...(*right side of brain begins weeping*)]

By May 29: Step Nine -- Back to word processor, sketch each chapter by expanding each spreadsheet line into multi-paragraph description of that scene. Decide essential conflict of each chapter.

By June 5 (leaving me a week to pack): Revisions and chapter drafts. Each chapter draft/sketch will go on new page(s). I'll print them out and put them in a three-ring binder where I can resort chapter order and make revisions. This is the hardcopy I'll take to France.

There are several motivators built into this plan. For example, my in-laws don't have a computer or Internet connection. Any work I do on the project will have to be handwritten. I'll be on vacation so clearly writing won't be my first priority; however, taking into consideration the ten-hour roundtrip plane rides and la sieste -- two hour "quiet time" strictly observed in France between the noon-day meal and late afternoon -- I'll have opportunities to write.

Disclaimer: I know in my heart that I won't need this kind of strict planning for future novels. I may never sell this one. My objective is to get it written, to learn the process so next time my organizational skills can truly support my creative voice.

Do writing schedules work for you? How important are deadlines for your productivity?