Sunday, January 3, 2010

Listing the Essentials

Slowly but surely, I'm getting more comfortable with the blog format. I haven't quite found my "blog-voice." I'm a bit like a novice singer in her first voice classes, practicing the scales and skill of projecting her song. I've enjoyed visiting other member's blogs, often going from one page to another by clicking the followers or links to favorite sites. With each stop I pick up more ideas to possibly incorporate here. Like all living things including artistic endeavors, this project's sure to evolve.
I found an interesting entry today. Penny offered her List of the 12 Things All Writers Need. It got me thinking about what's most important to me when I'm writing, and I came up with my own list:

My List of 12 Things I Need as a Writer

NoteV A reliable computer/word processor – When thoughts come fast and furious, my pen just can’t keep up.

NoteW – I love the ease of clicking back and forth between dictionary and thesaurus.

NoteV A quiet workspace

NoteW Piping hot cups of black coffee

NoteV My sister, Noelle- Happy New Year! (86) , who is always willing to help me flesh out a character or debate the necessity of a comma.

NoteW -- The BEST online writing community where I've come to rely on everyone's helpful, supportive critiques.

NoteV A hot shower – I don’t know why, but when I get stuck connecting plot points, the shower is the place where inspiration hits me. (Do they sell waterproof paper and pen yet?)

NoteW Chocolate – Okay, I try not to eat chocolate when I write, but it deserves a spot on any list of life’s essentials. Smile

NoteV The current issue of Glimmer Train -- Nothing wakes my uninspired muse like reading brilliant writing from successful authors.

NoteW My Gratitude Stone – Thirteen years ago I found a piece of sea glass on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s smooth and curved so my thumb lays perfectly in the groove. I hold it when I count my blessings, and when I commune with my characters and ponder their dilemmas.

NoteV Post-It notes – for those moments of genius I don’t want to forget to include in future (or past) chapters.

NoteW Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the support of my hubby and kids. On the (rare) days when I don’t have that, you can be sure I won’t be writing.

Making this list, and others like it, helps me reconnect with myself and the methods to my madness. I feel inspired to get writing. Are you a creative writer? What essentials are on your "writer's" list? And if you are of another profession, what's on your list of the most important things for your work or life? I'd love to read it!