Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'W' is for...??

Yesterday's A-Z prompt word was 'Vanity.'  So many of you guessed right, which is awesome feedback for me!  Thanks everyone J

Today's 'W' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what emotion/feeling/state of mind  I've described that begins with 'W'.  (This one may be tough, but I hope not!)  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember, Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

Here's my 'W' entry:

Gobi Chanel breezed through the crowded nightclub as if she were the only person in the place.  The Red Sea of dancing, drinking patrons sensed her presence or perhaps they smelled her perfume, for they parted before her, opening a pathway to the dance floor.  

Under the sparkling mirrored ball, she began to move her hips.  Her body swayed with serpentine grace, drawing every mesmerized eye in the room.

As the music regained its control on the crowd, it moved in and collapsed Gobi’s corridor.  A tall man with mocha skin shimmied up to her.  She narrowed her eyes in a gaze of seduction which the man acknowledged by placing his hands on her hips.   They moved together, her hips grinding against his.  When the song ended, he spun her into a dip.

The next song was up-tempo, and Gobi added some popping moves to her gyrations.  She turned and found herself face-to-face with a muscular blond.  Her moves mirrored his, and when he pulled her close to him, she pressed her curves against his chiseled chest.  

And Gobi began to grind her hips. 

Any ideas what emotion/feeling/state of mind I've described here?  Love to hear your guesses!  And please stop over at Jessica's blog where she's posted an entry prompted by the same 'W' word.  See you there!