Monday, July 26, 2010

I've Gone Green -- Come Along!

Things that Smell Like the Color GREEN

Cut grass
Chopped parsley
Paper money
The living room the first day you bring in the fresh cut Christmas tree
Spearmint chewing gum
Last summer’s canvas camping tent, this summer
Sprite soda
Tomato vines growing in a garden
An indoor swimming pool
Hot tea
New clothes from the mall
Crayola Crayons
A rainstorm on a hot, muggy day
The first day you open the windows and know Spring is here
Fingernail polish remover
Granny Smith apple peels
Cooking cabbage
Sliced watermelon....

And you awesome commenters added:

"Because I live in Mexico, salsa smells the most green (Yes, it's made from small green tomatoes so it's green.) and I love it!"  -- Clarissa Draper from Listen to the Voices

"Fresh veggies whether they're green or not. Dirt smells green to me...or the promise of green." -- Palindrome from Musings of a Palindrome

"Our hut. The walk to it and the bush round it. Just thinking bout it makes me feel homesick." -- Nicole MacDonald of Damsel in a Dirty Dress

"...dirt smells green to me too. So do apples and apple pie." -- Holly (Southpaw) at Holly Ruggiero

mango skin
green bananas
marsh grass
tree leaves
fresh cut grass
fried green tomatos..." -- Lenny from Lenny's World

"Chorta! A kind of bitter spinach, silver beet veggie, eaten here in Greece, boiled, and smothered in olive oil and lemon juice. But be careful of the furry roots, they can sometimes catch you off guard! In Australia, the Greeks go searching the edges of public football fields for it :o) And they find it too!" -- Jessica from The Alliterative Allomorph

"Limes, but not just limes, limes in an ice cold corona, in a hammock, lying on the wonderful white sandy beach listening to the waves crash as I remain in heaven. Who wouldn't love the smell of green?" -- Jen at Unedited

"...I'd have to say a summer breeze coming through an open window." -- Karen Gowen from Coming Down the Mountain

"The smell of the ocean during an east wind..." -- Liza from Middle Passages

"Brussel sprouts and broccoli - 2 of my favourite veggies! Really :)" -- Jemi Frazer at Just Jemi

"Freshly laundered money and the saps who don't take the time to notice." -- Elaine Smith at WordSmithing

"did anybody say a really fresh salad? My husband is the salad master, and he makes the freshedst salads with celery and bell pepper... There are other colors, but celery and bell pepper are major green smells... :D" -- Leigh at That's Write

"Lettuce and spinach smell of green to me. :)" -- Lindsay (a.k.a. Isabella) of Adventures In Writing

"To me, green is freshly cut grass." -- Talli Roland.

"Green to me is the tall pines on a mountain." -- Patti Nielson

"I'd have to add the ocean, at least where I live. There's a subtle algae, marine life, humid scent that smells more green to me than blue (which is fresh laundry...for some reason, that's blue)." -- Wendy Ramer from On 'n On 'n On

"The smell of the Aussie bush after rain." -- Al from Publish or Perish

"Guacamole, Burning Sage although not exactly technically green, Green Apples, Clover, Anything that says it has a Rainforest scent, Pine, Fresh sprigs of spearmint or wintergreen, Parsley, Green Tea Leaves." -- Indigo at Shattered Prose

"Citrus groves. They smell intoxicatingly sweet in spring and fall, which is actually early winter in Florida. We have no fall. But the rest of the year they smell green." -- Terry Stonecrop of Gardner West, Private Eye

"Fresh basil and cilantro." -- Susan Fields

"For me, green apple gummies and summer :)" -- WritingNut from Writing in a Nutshell

"I guess I'd have to say, chardonnay, peppermints, and pine needles all smell green to me." -- Dominique of En Violet

"Mmmm...did somebody say fried green tomatoes...I loves them. :)  Spring smells green to me; new grass, tender plant shoots, damp earth." -- Lola from Sharp Pen/Dull Sword

"My faves from the list are cut grass and unripe bananas." -- Kelly Polark

"There are so many great things that smell green, but I think most of herbs and nature." -- Cherie at Surrounded by Books

"The smell of Fenway Park on a summer night watching a Sox game." -- Gardner West, Private Eye at The Hanky-Panky Season (I love this one! ~ Nicole)

"Turtle shells, empty, that you find on the shore of the lake...

Envy. I thought you all were WRITERS! ;) Envy smells green, the green-eyed monster, come on!

...Green pine cones. I'm not talking about the brown dried cones you find in wreaths, I'm talking about the tight-packed green suckers that are the WMDs of an East Texas Pine Cone War...

You get stung with a green pine cone, you know you've been hit...

...Moss, the kind you find in the lake up near the shore, that snags your hooks and covers your legs and your dogs when you go swimming, the kind you put on your head just for fun, and throw at your friend Amos who beaned you earlier with a green pine cone." -- Eric W. Trent from Digging With Worms (AWESOME answers, Eric! ~ Nicole)

"I especially agree with: rain and cilantro. Herbs smell green to me too. I've got a large green spearmint by my side door that's so bright right now." -- Michelle Teacress

"Green is my daughter's favorite color. Nature knew what she was doing, says Jen, when she made so much green!" -- Ann Best of Long Journey Home

"Green smells like an apple taken right off the tree." -- Amanda Sablan from All That Good Jazz

What smells like the color green to you?  Leave it in a comment and I'll add it to my list!