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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Flower by Any Name

We spent Sunday afternoon at the State Botanical Gardens in Athens, GA. It's a magical place and one of our favorite destinations when we want to kick back and relax.  The structure pictured here houses the tropical plants exhibit.  Surrounding it are winding paths through artistically designed gardens, some Japanese in theme, others fragrant with herbs or seasonal flowers.

As beautiful as the carefully planned gardens around the main building are, I still prefer the controlled chaos of the nature trails.  There are five miles of hiking trails that traverse forests, fields, and along one stretch, skirts the shore of the Middle Oconee River.  If those trails could talk, they'd tell you how much we laugh together on our spirited walks.

Yesterday, though, the sky threatened pop-up storm showers.  We packed a picnic, deciding that if it rained we'd eat lunch out and picnic at home for dinner. Gotta be flexible!

The rain held off for our meal, and afterwards we spread out a blanket under a tree, on the lawns of green space below the Tropical Conservatory.  Hubby had brought a book, which he used for a pillow as he stretched out for a nap.  The kids kicked off their sandals and explored the stream bed and flowers.  And I, of course, had my journal in hand.

I love making lists of plant names.  There seems to be a poem in every designation.  Here are a few I jotted down:

Pignut Hickory
Goat's Beard
Wake Robin
Foam Flower
Maiden Hair Tree
Paw Paw
Sea Holly
Cherry Queen Sage
Blue-eyed Grass
Bee Balm
Seaside Goldenrod
Snowcap Spiderwort

Are character names swirling around your head, too?  Ideas for stories and fodder for poetry abound in the botanical gardens.  Next time you visit one, be sure to have your journal with you!

Happy Monday!