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Monday, January 9, 2012

Vine Leaves Literary Magazine

There's a new literary magazine on the scene, one which fills a gap previously unnoticed by industry markets. Vine Leaves Literary Magazine highlights the Vignette.

According to Vine Leaves, a "'Vignette' is a word that originally meant 'something that may be written on a vine-leaf.' It’s a snapshot in words. It differs from flash fiction or a short story in that its aim doesn’t lie within the traditional realms of structure or plot. Instead, the vignette focuses on one element, mood, character, setting or object. It's descriptive, excellent for character or theme exploration and wordplay. Through a vignette, you create an atmosphere. "

In the past, I have participated in a creative writing contest called the "15 For 15 Contest." Each day for fifteen consecutive days, the contest moderator posts a photograph. The challenge is to draw inspiration from the day's photo and then write a short piece, writing for only and exactly fifteen minutes. Any genre is acceptable and any format: short story, poem, scene, dialogue, etc.  I generally wound up producing vignettes. (A couple examples are here and here.)

When I learned about Vine Leaves Literary Magazine, I went right to my 15 For 15 files and decided on a piece to submit. I was thrilled to learn it was accepted for publication in the magazine's premier issue!

Issue #01 January 2012 is available for free viewing and/or download now HERE.

There are so many amazing pieces in this issue, ranging from literary to experimental, many from writer-bloggers I know you will recognize. I'm blown away by the caliber of submissions pubbed in this issue, and I know you will be too. I hope you read some of them today!

And a side note: Thank you all who commented on my last post about losing 75% of my WiP. Your encouraging words have been the shoulder I leaned on as I moved past the frustration, and I'm back on track now. Wednesday's post will be about the new love in my life: Scrivener! See you then!


Friday, June 3, 2011

An "O-less" Short

Miss Match

         I’m hardly a girly-girl. I live large and in charge, and my tats, spiked hair and perverse jewelry keep any inquiring men at arm’s length when I’m in public. Still, as I rambled up the sidewalk flanking the Sunset Strip, I realized I was taking a risk. This late after dark, the freaks always emerged.

         I didn’t care. Fierce anger brewed in my gut. The fight with my beau, Dennis, lingered, eating away at me. Defiant, I trudged ahead, raging silently, turning excuses in my mind even as the actual argument slipped away. He’d dared utter that language at me, dared challenge my sincerity. Unbelievable.

         I raised my gaze and saw a man dressed in full Dracula regalia heading my way. His cape lifted behind him with haunting grace, as if in the still nighttime air an ethereal headwind blew just at him. Steps away, he halted right in my path. Drawing in a breath that puffed his chest, he tasted the air between us like a dégusteur sampling a fine wine. Leveling his gaze, he addressed me.

         “Excuse me,” he drawled with an authentic Transylvanian accent, “but I seek asylum in a lieu rich with helpless victims.”

         Strange as it was and despite the dark, deserted street, I didn't feel alarmed. Instead I laughed, surprised at the sudden lightness I felt. My anger had seemingly vanished. I jutted my hip. “Where’s the party, dude?” I asked, letting my eyes finger his face. He had exquisite facial features, dark and beautiful in a gleaming, buffed marble way. Mercy, I suddenly felt drunk.

         Dracula’s red-rimmed eyes emitted an eerie light. “Party?” His lips curled, until they became a measured, sickle-shaped smile. Was that a fang?

         Chill bumps tickled my skin.

         “Yes, magnificent idea, my dear girl. Where is party?”

         Dennis (the Dick’s) stupid face entered my mind. I glanced at my watch; it’d be a while until Dennis started fretting, regretting what he did. Screw him. I was fine with him suffering all night, after what he’d said earlier.

         “Yeah, let’s party. There’s a wild dance club three streets that way.” I indicated with a skull-ringed finger. “I’ll lead the way.”

         As Dracula fell in silent step beside me, I asked, “Incidentally, why didn’t I seem like a--” I drew reference marks in the air with knuckle-bent fingers, “--helpless victim?" I jabbed him playfully in the ribs. "I’ll bet it’s my wicked attitude and punk attire, right?”

         He chuckled, a vibrating hum that encircled my head and rattled my essence. “It isn’t that.”

         I bristled. What else made sense?

         “Just aren’t my type, my dear,” he said airily.

         “And what type is?” I challenged.

         He turned and smiled, extended fangs sparkling in the streetlamp’s glare. “My preference, dear girl, is A-negative.”

 Thanks for reading!!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

'Z' is for...??

We made it to ‘Z’!!  I’ve really enjoyed the A-Z Blogfest because it’s had me writing flash fiction every single day.  I’m horribly burnt out and need a serious break, but it’s been a wonderful and wild ride.  My heartfelt thanks to the talented Jessica Bell for coming up with the idea to practice ‘show, don’t tell’ skills using an A-Z list of emotion/feeling/state of mind prompt words.  It was a brilliant concept, Jess!

And so, for the last time this year, you will find below a short excerpt in which a character depicts an emotion/feeling/state of mind, this time beginning with the letter ‘Z’.  Can you guess, based on my writing, what that prompt word is?  Leave your guess in the comments, and then follow the link to Jessica’s blog.  Easy-peesy!

Here we go:

The parade snaked its way down the block toward the intersection of Piedmont and First.  Colors sparkled under the morning sun, brightening the city as thumping Euro-dance music ebbed and flowed on the breeze.  A cop stood under the traffic lights, directing the marchers around the right hand turn.  His stoic face was chiseled in stone, his eyes hidden behind black aviator shades.

In the advancing crowd, a bearded man in a fluffy, flowered skirt passed by.  Graying chest hair peeked out over the edge of his yellow tube top, and silver socks twinkled in the sun.  He pushed a neon pink stroller with a beagle wearing a Hawaiian lei for a collar riding inside.

Behind him rode five scooters side-by-side.  Each was a different color from the rainbow, and each driver was shirtless, his torso body-painted to match the color of his ride.

Partial nudity was a common sight.  Some of the marchers wore chaps paired with g-string thongs.  One opted for simply a pair of bootie shorts and a peacock tail, fashioned out of long, colorful, balloon artist’s balloons.

The cop stood, statue-still, silent.  Three men dressed like butterflies flit over to him.  “Here, honey!” one sang.  “Here’s a little sparkle to brighten you up!”  He dropped a beauty queen-style sash over the policeman’s head and let it drape across his chest before dancing off to rejoin his friends.

The cop looked down at the yellow sash with its rainbow sequin border.  It bore one word: Pride.  Despite himself, the cop grinned.


Any idea what ‘Z’ word I’ve depicted here?  I look forward to your comments!

Thanks so much for sharing this blogfest experience with me!  Your thoughts and comments each day have made it so enjoyable.  Looking forward to having more time to visit all your blogs on a more regular basis, now that this blogfest is OVER!  J

Jessica Bell’s last blogfest entry is HERE.  Pop over to read her creative genius inspired by our ‘Z’ prompt word.  See you there!


Friday, April 29, 2011

'Y' is for...?

Thanks for all the wonderful visits yesterday!  The prompt word was 'Xenophobia' -- and almost everyone got it right!  Whoot!

Today, I have the Royal Wedding on my mind and had to tear myself from the TV to post this.  I love watching happy history unfold!  So, I've used a piece of flash fiction I wrote last year for today's excerpt.  Although the  piece overall reflects the prompt,  I'm putting the section that best depicts the 'Y' emotion/feeling/state of mind word in colored text.  (I hope it isn't distracting as you read!)  Leave me a guess in the comments telling me what 'Y' word comes to mind.  Jessica Bell's link will follow!

Here goes:

Nora’s fingertips grazed the silky fabric on the bed. Grasping the nylon tank top, she straightened, then hyper-extended her back just enough to lay the shirt on her chest and fold it properly. Her nose twitched, and she stiffened.

She’d smelled Bradley’s sour scent before she heard him enter the doorway behind her. Laying the folded tank in the suitcase before her, she said, “No use sneaking up. I know you’re there.”

Willing her hand to steady, she reached for another fistful of clothing. A zipper jingled from the heavy fabric. Hoodie. She felt along the garment to locate the sleeves, and then laid it -- arms open wide -- across the suitcase. She imagined herself like that, living in the hoodie’s pose, embracing life. Her heart raced at the thought.

As Nora brought one sleeve across to fold the jacket in half, the weight of Bradley’s hand suddenly fell on her arm, fingers closing on Nora’s wrist with an iron grip. She jumped and winced, cowering.

He shook her. “I don’t remember telling you I said it was okay to go.”

His hot, ashtray breath chilled the beads of sweat that’d sprung across her upper lip. She pulled to free her arm but he yanked hard, jerking her forward. Pain shot up the inside to her armpit.

“Let her go.”

Nora’s head snapped in the direction of the doorway and her brother’s voice. The vice released her, and she stumbled against the bed. 

“Who the hell do you think you are, Ron?” Bradley spat. “You can’t just waltz into my friggin’ house.”

“It’s my sister’s house too. She asked me to come up and help her with her packing.” Ron returned Bradley’s glare for two beats before he walked to Nora and kissed her cheek. “You ready to go?" he asked softly. Nora heard a smile enter his voice as he went on. "I’ve been waiting six months for you to cash in my birthday present to you.”

“What kind of a friggin' idiot takes a blind person rafting?” Bradley said with a sneer.

Ron snapped the suitcase shut and offered Nora his elbow. As she took it, he said, “I guess this kind does.”

The next afternoon, adrenalin pumping through her veins with a ferocity she’d never known, Nora grasped Ron’s hand as they stumbled out of the raft.

“That was fucking amazing!” Nora screeched. Her laughter melded with the sound of the bubbling river rushing through the canyon they’d just descended.

Ron hugged her. “See little sis, you can do anything you set your mind to. Your real handicap all these years hasn’t been your eyes.”

Nora stepped back and drew in a deep breath. Slowly, she reached her arms wide open, tilting her chin so the sun warmed the whole of her face. “When we get back to the hotel, make the call,” she said.

“Good,” Ron said. “My secretary has the papers drawn up. He’ll be served tomorrow.


Any idea what feeling or emotion I'm hinting at here with Nora?  Looking forward to your comments.  And here's a link to Jessica's blog, so you can read her offering based on the same mystery prompt word beginning with 'Y.'  See you there!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

'X' is for...?

Yesterday's A-Z prompt word was 'Wanton.'  Thanks to everyone who popped in for a visit and comment!  J

It's the final stretch!!  Today's 'X' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what emotion/feeling/state of mind  I've described that begins with 'X'.  (There really aren't many 'x' states of mind!)  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember, Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

So without further ado, here is my entry for the day:

Las Vegas, Nevada.  July 13, 1991.  Ten o'clock a.m.
          Brenda glared from behind the safety of her register counter at the crowd in the convenience store.  Every aisle was clogged with wiry, dirty-looking young people, many dressed in ridiculous assortments of tie-dyed clothing.  Long lines of them snaked from the restroom doors and down the length of coolers.  Her eyes shifted when the men's room door opened and two barefoot girls in tube tops and peasant skirts emerged.
          The bell over the entryway jingled and she turned her head in that direction.  A tall man with no shirt and ratty dreadlocks to his waist bounced in, carrying a boom box on his shoulder.  Sugar Magnolia blared.  Heads began to bob.  The girls in the tube tops broke out in a swaying dance that had their skirts swirling and jingle-bell anklets jangling.
          "Hey you!" Brenda called out. "Turn that thing off in here!" 
          Damn you, Mikey, for calling in sick today.  And damn you, Jerry Garcia, for spawning this generation of filthy, free-loading, hippie throw-backs.  Once a year this circus descended for a weekend of Vegas shows, and every year it was the same.  Not one of these losers will buy anything.  They're here to take a piss and shove as many moon pies and beef jerky sticks down their pants as possible.
          "Excuse me, miss?"
          Brenda jumped, her heart clawing its way to her throat as her glare shot down to the man standing at the counter.  His gray t-shirt may have started out green, but it was tattered and stained and looked like it hadn't seen a washing machine in months.  Emerald eyes gazed at her from a bronzed and heavily bearded face.  The faint aroma of marijuana floated around him.
          "Yes, what do you want?"  Brenda's voice quavered.
          "I was just wondering if you could give me directions to the post office?  I want to send my mom a post card.  Tour's only half over and I miss her like crazy, you know?"  He smiled sheepishly.
          Brenda narrowed her eyes and wondered what he was up to. 


So what do you think?  What state of mind/emotion/feeling have I described here?  And do pop over to Jessica's blog to see what she's come up with for our 'X' prompt word of the day.  See you over there! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'W' is for...??

Yesterday's A-Z prompt word was 'Vanity.'  So many of you guessed right, which is awesome feedback for me!  Thanks everyone J

Today's 'W' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what emotion/feeling/state of mind  I've described that begins with 'W'.  (This one may be tough, but I hope not!)  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember, Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

Here's my 'W' entry:

Gobi Chanel breezed through the crowded nightclub as if she were the only person in the place.  The Red Sea of dancing, drinking patrons sensed her presence or perhaps they smelled her perfume, for they parted before her, opening a pathway to the dance floor.  

Under the sparkling mirrored ball, she began to move her hips.  Her body swayed with serpentine grace, drawing every mesmerized eye in the room.

As the music regained its control on the crowd, it moved in and collapsed Gobi’s corridor.  A tall man with mocha skin shimmied up to her.  She narrowed her eyes in a gaze of seduction which the man acknowledged by placing his hands on her hips.   They moved together, her hips grinding against his.  When the song ended, he spun her into a dip.

The next song was up-tempo, and Gobi added some popping moves to her gyrations.  She turned and found herself face-to-face with a muscular blond.  Her moves mirrored his, and when he pulled her close to him, she pressed her curves against his chiseled chest.  

And Gobi began to grind her hips. 

Any ideas what emotion/feeling/state of mind I've described here?  Love to hear your guesses!  And please stop over at Jessica's blog where she's posted an entry prompted by the same 'W' word.  See you there!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'V' is for...?

I enjoyed all your comments yesterday!  Thanks for visiting, and many of you guessed the prompt word.  I was describing 'Uppityness.'  Well done!!

Today's 'V' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what emotion/feeling/state of mind  I've described that begins with 'V'.  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember, Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

Here's my 'V' word entry:

The baby’s cries drifted into the room like smoke from the hallway.

Céline shifted her jaw, catching a mound of slick inner cheek flesh between her teeth, and concentrated all her effort on the task at hand.  In the mirror, she watched.

The ivory handle of the brush felt warm in her hand.  She relished the way the stiff bristles raked her head, massaging her scalp from the part at the center all the way to the base of her skull.  Then as the brush sailed down the zip-line of long locks, she savored the delicious tug of follicles resisting the pressure, until the brush dropped off near her waist.

The baby’s cries were louder.  He’d have to be patient.  She was on the one hundred and sixty-nineth stroke; almost finished.

Céline tilted her head as she brushed.  From this angle, the light played from the right, illuminating shimmers of scarlet flecks in the curtain of her chestnut hair.  It gleamed, smooth and silky, like new Barbie doll hair.

She brushed from the back, dragging her hair forward and letting it drape around her.  Stroke after stroke, she smoothed every strand into place until the bodice of her white nightgown was completely hidden beneath her hair.  Five more strokes on each side and, there, she was finished.

In the mirror, Céline’s eyes roved her reflection, her crowning glory in a state of utter perfection.  The baby continued to cry.

Céline sighed and stood up.  “Coming, love.” 


Any ideas what emotion/feeling/state of mind Céline depicted in this excerpt?  Looking forward to your guesses!  And here's a link to Jessica's blog to read her 'V' word entry.  See you over there!

Have a grand day and thanks for reading!


Monday, April 25, 2011

'U' is for...?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that those of you who celebrated Easter had a special holiday!  Saturday's word was 'Terror' -- thanks for all your comments and guesses!

Today's 'U' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what emotion/feeling/state of mind  I've described that begins with 'U'.  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember, Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

Here's my excerpt:

“I don’t know why we chose this dreary restaurant.  Do you remember?  Is that so?  A five-star chef, is he?  Well, I just hope his food is better than the abominable service we’re getting.  Where is that waitress? It doesn’t take a university level education to recognize a table full of hungry, wealthy people!  Surely she knows her tip will be proportionate to her ability to get what we’ve ordered to us quickly.  Yes, you’re right.  I shouldn’t make assumptions!  What’s that old adage?  Makes an ass out of you and me?  Ah, speaking of, here she is now.

“Miss, when you’re serving a table of women, like ours, do you know whose wine glass to fill first?  No, I didn’t think you did.  Here’s a tip.  Serve the lady wearing the most expensive-looking jewelry!

“Joking!  Just a little humor, ladies, come on.  I always say, if you can’t giggle a little, you—hang on.  Excuse me?  What do you think you’re doing, miss?   Yes, I can see you’re pouring the wine, but that doesn’t answer my question, does it now?  Haven’t you any idea how to pour wine correctly?  Don’t they train you people?  No, I won’t let it slide, darling.  This is supposed to be a fine dining establishment, with a reputable chef, and this silly waitress is pouring me expensive Bordeaux in a white wine glass.

“Miss, I’d like to speak to your manager.  Yes, right now.  Run along and fetch him, this instant.  Unbelievable, am I right?  Darling!  I just noticed your handbag.  My goodness, it’s gorgeous.  Is that from Gucci’s spring line?  It’s been under wraps, how on earth did you manage to…?”  


Any idea what emotion/feeling/state of mind I've 'shown' in the dialog above?  I'd love to read your guess in the comments.  And please shoot over to visit Jessica and see what she's come up with to depict our 'U' word of the day!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

'T' is for...?

Thanks to all the Crusaders and A-Z'ers who popped in yesterday!  The prompt word I worked from was 'Selfishness.'

Today I'm borrowing a little scene from a short story I wrote a couple years back, starring characters Michael and Kaitlyn.  This excerpt depicts the 'T' word Jessica Bell and I are using to prompt our entries today.  Can you guess what emotion/feeling/state of mind that begins with 'T' it showcases?

Looking forward to your guesses!  Here goes:

         Melted snow from higher elevations had swelled the river to twice its normal size. Above them, raging water rushed over a promontory and crashed in billows of roiling white foam fifteen feet below. The noise was deafening. Kaitlyn pulled her camera from her pack and began snapping pictures. The air was much cooler here, and after a few minutes they turned to go.

         "God! It's beautiful here," Kaitlyn sighed when they could hear each other again. Then, she sucked in her breath.

         Following her gaze, Michael saw the brightly colored butterfly she had spotted. She raised the camera to her eye as it settled on a trillium bush. No sooner had she focused the lens than the butterfly took flight again. Kaitlyn stepped off the path in pursuit of it.

         Closer and closer to the river, the insect flitted from one blossom to the next. Finally, it landed on a branch at the water's edge. Looking through the lens of the camera, Kaitlyn edged closer.

         Michael called out, "That's close enough, Kait," but his voice was lost to the river.

        As she snapped the picture, her foot slipped on the moist embankment. She let out a high-pitched yelp that barely made it to Michael's ears. All he saw was one of Kaitlyn's arms shoot out awkwardly before she disappeared below the bank.

         Michael sprang into action even before his mind had time to process what had happened. He sprinted toward the river, ploughing through branches that tore at his face, shouting Kaitlyn's name. She was nowhere to be seen. He searched the white water churning with the vengeance of a stampede of beasts, mirroring the panic coursing through his body. Suddenly, Kaitlyn's head broke the surface of the water several yards away. There was an outcropping of rock visible further downstream, and Michael bolted for it.

         "Swim for me!" he shouted as he ran, never taking his eyes off her. He threw himself onto the rock's edge, yelling, "Kaitlyn! Grab my hand!" He was flat on his stomach, reaching as far out over the water as he could manage, as the fast-paced current carried Kaitlyn toward him. 

         Fright etched furrows into her contorted face. She could see Michael's hand but she was powerless over the current dictating her trajectory. The river slammed her like a rag doll against a rock, pitching her violently under the water. When she resurfaced moments later, she was heading straight for Michael.

         Kaitlyn was floating impotently past Michael, but she managed to stretch her hand out. With astonishing timing, Michael heaved his weight forward and caught her firmly around the wrist. She dangled heavily there, her frightened eyes locked with his. Michael's nightmare from years ago was brutally triggered, and fear threatened to rob him of brawn and confidence. He forced the old memory out of his mind and his resolution stoked his strength. 

         "I've got you, baby! I've got you!" he gasped. Fighting the current and the water-logged weight of her pack, he struggled to pull her in. It wasn't until he got his hand around the back of her belt, that he realized he had denied the arrogating river of its quarry.

I'd love to read which emotion/feeling/state of mind that begins with 'T' you've guessed.  And be sure to pop over to Jessica's blog and read her entry today!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and a Happy Easter to all you who celebrate it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

'S' is for...? (Crusader Challenge Entry!)

My son missed the bus today, so I had to drive him to school. #@%$&* congestion around the school!  Starting my day behind schedule.

Yesterday's 'R' word was Rage.  Thanks for the visits and guesses :))

Today, I'm combining my A-Z blogfest challenge with Jessica Bell and the third and final writing challenge for the Writer's Platform Building Crusade.  So, my prompt today is:

In 300 words or less, write a passage that shows (rather than tells) a character exhibiting an emotion/feeling/state of mind that begins with the letter 'S', and that incorporates the following additional prompts:
·                     you're scared and hungry
·                     it's dusk
·                     you think someone is following you
·                     and just for fun, see if you can involve all five senses AND include these random words: shimmer, saccadic, substance, and salt.

Here's my offering:

Carmen’s stomach rumbling cut through the stillness of the darkening park.  She’d left raw steaks out when she’d stormed off.  A scolding voice whispered it was messed up to be more concerned about that than about hurting Ted’s feelings.  She shushed that voice. 

Scowling up at the last shimmer of pink in the sky, Carmen pictured Ted at home, lounging in his comfortable Lay-Z-Boy, that stupid textbook in his hand.  In her diva voice, the one she normally reserved for the stage, she sang out, “His eyes dancing a seductive saccade across the pages.”  How many seductive dances did she have to perform to get him to notice her again?  Since he started back at school, she’d become invisible, just a person to cook and clean for him.  Well, to hell with him and his dreams of being a scholar, a man of substance.  Please. 

She kicked a rock on the path as she walked, listening to it tumble along the cobblestone.  A twig snapped.

The hairs on the back of her neck bristled.  She spun around, but no one was there.

Carmen breathed deep.  Get a grip.  She fancied she smelled the briny mist of the seashore, but that was impossible this far inland.  She probably just craved salt.  She could almost taste those steaks – damn you Ted -- and another peal of thunder rolled through her stomach.


Carmen turned, eyes wide.  “Who’s there?” she demanded.  Her cotton t-shirt felt damp under the arms. 

Movement, in the shadows.

An explosion of panic burst in Carmen’s gut and she bolted for the park entrance. As she ran, her thoughts cut to Ted.  Won’t he be sorry if something tragic happened to her?  Misery would eat at him each time he’d speak her name, or tell people how important she'd been to him, all the while knowing in his heart how he’d ignored her, treated her like a common possession.  He’d realize he’d lost the precious thing she was.

Carmen slowed, and then stopped.  Turning, she peered back into the shadows.


Any guesses what 'S' emotion/feeling/state of mind Carmen has exhibited?  Won't you leave your guesses in the comment section?  I love hearing from you! *waves to Crusaders and A-Z'ers*

And please visit Jessica Bell's blog to read her 'S' entry, inspired by the same prompt word as mine.  See you over there!



Thursday, April 21, 2011

'R' is for...?

Yesterday's "Quirky" post was a blast to write.  Thanks for all your lovely comments and guesses!

Today's 'R' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what emotion  I've described that begins with 'R'.  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember,Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

Here goes:

From his sprawled position on the ground, Hamilton grinned as the referee raise the yellow card in the air.  But when he pointed down at Hamilton, his face contorted.  “You’re calling foul on me?” he roared at the ref.  “Number Four tripped ME!”

He sprang to his feet, his cleats leaving scars in the grassy turf.  He strode to the referee who faced the scorekeeping table on the sideline.  Into the ref’s right ear, he shouted, “What kind of call is this, hey?  I think you need glasses, chief.  You can’t see right!”  Spittle landed on the referee’s sideburn.

The ref looked him in the face, warned him to settle down.  Hamilton fired one more insult.

“Their shit team put you on their goddamn payroll before the match?”  He turned to walk back to his position, but the ref was right on his heels.  Over his shoulder, Hamilton saw the flash of the red card.  Lava churned in his gut and he stamped his foot, releasing a tirade too foul to reprint here.


What emotion do you think I've described here?  And please visit Jessica's blog when you're through leaving me a comment.  I love hearing from you!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'Q' is for...??

Yesterday's 'P' word was 'Patronization.'  That was a tough one for me to write about.  Thanks for your guesses!

Today's 'Q' prompt word is depicted by a character in the excerpt below.  See if you can guess what personal attribute  I've described that begins with 'Q'.  Can't wait to read your comments!  And remember, Jessica Bell is working with the same prompt words as I am this A-Z Blogfest.  There's a link to her blog below.

Here goes:

“I’m so glad you’re here, Sara!” Libby squealed, yanking her friend into the apartment.  “I simply can’t decide who to wear to the party.”  She led Sara down the narrow corridor and into the tight confines of her bedroom.

“Well,” Sara said, perched on the edge of the bed, “It’s casual…”

“Right.”  Libby rubbed her chin and looked thoughtfully into her closet.  She pulled out a pink mohair sweater with a second hanger hooked behind it, so that a pink and black plaid skirt dangled below the sweater’s hem.  “What about Charlotte?”


Libby held the outfit up a little higher.  “Yes, right here.  Hello?”

Sara stared at the clothes with a look of confusion on her face.

“You’re right,” sighed Libby.  “Charlotte went to the Robert twins’ party three weeks ago. She’d be recognized, n’est-ce pas?  Ooh!  I know.”  She reached back into the closet.  “What about Zandra?  She’s a hoot at parties!”

Sara’s eyes traveled from the sleeveless, zebra-striped mini-dress to Libby’s animated face, and simply shook her head.  “You are the kookiest friend I have,” she said with a giggle.

“Aw!  Thanks, Sara!"  She held the dress up to herself.  "So…Zandra comes to the party with us?”

Any ideas what 'Q' word prompted this scene?  And after guessing in the comments, please shoot over to Jessica's blog to see what creative excerpt she's come up with based on our word-of-the-day!  See you over there!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'P' is for...??

I want to thank Alex Cavanaugh for highlighting my blog yesterday and sending new friends my way!  Thanks, Alex!  And, thanks for everyone's guesses yesterday.  The 'O' word was 'Oppression.'  Kudos to those of you that got it!! (a tough one!)

Today Jessica Bell and I are showcasing excerpts we wrote for a prompt word that starts with 'P.'  After reading the passage below, can you determine which emotion/feeling/state of mind I've depicted?  After you guess in the comments, please follow the link to Jessica's blog and read her offering!

Though Jonathon and Bobby were fraternal twins, their lives were one long string of competitions.  Bobby was a minute y0unger, a quarter of an inch shorter, and a half a grade point average behind his brother.  And Jonathon enjoyed reminding him.

They’d trained together for months for the half-marathon, and for the first time ever Bobby was the stronger.  On the track or in the gym, he out-sprinted and out-lifted Jonathon.  This time, he was going to be victorious.

But as they flew across the finish line the day of the race, Jonathon’s chest broke the plane a half second before Bobby’s.

Bobby bent over with his hands on his thighs and hung his head, gasping for breath.  Panting, Jonathon clapped a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t take it too hard, bro,” he gloated.  “Even I thought you were going to beat me, for a minute there.”

So, what 'P' emotion/feeling/state of mind does this excerpt make you think of?  Thanks for reading and here's a link to Jessica's blog.  See you over there!