Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Whoever came up with the blogger award concept was a genius. Not only does receiving and passing along the award offer the opportunity to link some of your favorite blogs to your post -- thus generating new or return readership to those people, but learning someone passed it on to you gives your heart a little cyber-squeeze. At least that's what it does for me!

Perhaps the best part of all, though, is the fun of sending the award out to other blogging friends. Today, I have the pleasure of doing that four times over! With no further ado, here we go:

I want to thank Anne at Piedmont Writer and Tara at Feel of Something New for this award. Anne speaks from her heart, with a voice that is at the same time strong and humorous, and inviting and free-spirited. Tara is a talented writer whose creativity and kindness comes through every sentence she pens. I enjoy both these blogs on a daily basis. If you don't get your daily dose of these wonderful women, visit them today!

I'd like to pass the Sunshine Award on to these bright, new blogger buddies:

Heather at See Heather Write
G.P. Ching at So, Write
Terresa at The Chocolate Chip Waffle
Elle at The Writer's Funhouse
Tiffany at Tiffany Neal

Thank you to Simon at Constant Revision and Laurel at Laurel's Leaves for this awesome award. I love Simon's hilarious sense of humor! Every post is the perfect blend of serious and snarky. He shouldn't be reading this, because he's on a Blogger Hiatus...(*waves to Simon*)...If you don't already, go sign up to follow him! And sweet Laurel is another blogger buddy I read faithfully every day. She's going places; check her out!

The Creative Writer Award goes to these fab writers:

Rebecca at Diary of a Virgin Novelist
Courtney at Courtney Reese
Shelley at Stories of the Ordinary
DL Hammons at Cruising Altitude
Allison at Borrowing Heaven, Subletting Hell

Thank you, Jemi at Just Jemi, for this adorable award! Jemi's posts brighten my day and if you want a burst of sunshine in yours, click over to her blog today! Apparently, this award comes with the instructions to share with you how I like my eggs. Odd, but fun! My typical breakfast includes a four egg white omlette (which sounds like a lot, but it really isn't), paired with half a cup of oatmeal. I wash it down with at least 8 oz. of water and two cups of coffee. the time I get to the gym at 9:00, I've gotta tinkle b a d! TMI, I know. Sorry!!

The Quill Feather Award goes to seven cool chicks:

Abby at Abby Annis
Roni at *Fiction Groupie*
B.J. at B.J. Anderson
Elana at Elana Johnson, Author
Jamie-Kate at Jamie-Kate Writes
Lisa and Laura (BOTH cool chicks!) at Lisa and Laura Write

And to my friend, Shelley at Stories from the Ordinary, thanks for this award!! Shelley's creative talent jumps off the screen as I read through her inspired posts. She's got a wonderful voice; visit her today!

The Sugar Doll Award goes to:

Joanne at Whole Latte Life
Mary at Writer's Butt Does Not Apply to Me
Diana at Writing Roller Coasters
Chasing the Moon at Dancing Down Serendipity Street

*PHEW* That was a lot at once!! I hope you all check out these amazing and crazy talented writers' blogs. I enjoy them, and I know you will too!!

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Have a fantastic Hump Day!!!