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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Second Crusader Challenge Entry

The Challenge:

Write a flash fiction story (in any format) in 100 words or less, excluding the title. Begin the story with the words, “The goldfish bowl teetered” These four words will be included in the word count.

Inside a Fishbowl

The goldfish bowl teetered on the table’s edge.  Marilyn jerked back her finger, leaving another greasy fingerprint.  Inside, tiny swells crashed, sloshed backward.  Marilyn glared at the fish.  It hovered, serene, unaffected by the waves she caused or by her unwavering vigilance.  She scowled and jabbed the bowl again.  Too hard

The bowl plunged from its perch.  Shards of wet glass splattered across white, sterile tile.  The goldfish floundered, gills gaping and yawning, sucking useless air.  Marilyn’s mouth twitched.  Balancing, she stomped, ground her heel. Lab coat-clad men scribbled on clipboards on the other side of the plate glass windows.

(100 words)

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Thanks for reading!              


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crusaders First Challenge Entry!

One of my favorite things in the world is being a sister. Those who know me well recognize how defined I am by my family, so it seems fitting to introducing myself to new, Crusading friends by sharing a glimpse into my life with four sisters.

Our parents, more rabbit-like than fuliguline, had us one after the other, naming us Nicole, Natalie, Noelle, Nadine, and Natasha.  They stuttered through our childhood, resorting to pointing a trembling finger and growling, “You!  Get over here.”  Even our children have trouble sorting out our names.  I have a nephew who calls me Aunt Nic-Nack-No, our running joke which makes me smile.

Not surprisingly, there’s plenty of drama in our lives.  At any given moment, someone’s life is on the blade-edge of crisis.  And try as we might, we can’t keep each other’s secrets.  When one says, “Well, she-- Oops, never mind…” the other will pry the rest out, promising never to pass the info on.  Until she later slips to another: “No, I heard she– Oops! Never mind…”
I didn’t start social networking until recently, out of fear of sister drama playing out on Facebook.  It’d happened in the past, and I wanted no part of it.  (Plus, my sisters are beautiful and incredibly photogenic.  But me?  Systematically, as a picture is snapped, I feel the urge to talk.  I’m always captured with jaw swung to the side, nostrils flared, and eyes closed.  Those open eyes are actually Photoshopped in on my profile picture!)

Drama aside, I love my sisters to death.  They’re funny, stylish, quirky, and all-around awesome ladies.  Though in heated moments I'm accused of bloviating, I’m a very philosophical, even-keeled soul – a true Libra, through and through – and am able to offer perspective when the drama gets overwhelming.  Through it all, my sisters fill my heart with love, and they bring more joy to my life than words can express.

Thanks to Rachael Harrie for providing the prompts for this Crusader challenge!  Read all the participating entries here.  

And, within the paragraphs above, I have revealed something about me that isn’t strictly true, can you guess what it is?  The truth will be revealed Monday!  See you then J

Happy Weekend!