Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'J' is for...?

I'm so happy Jessica Bell had the insanely creative idea to use the A-Z Blogfest as an experimental canvas for 'showing' emotions/feelings/states of mind.  And I'm thrilled she asked me to partner up with her!  We're working with the same list of prompt words and using them to inspire our fiction or poetry.

Today, our prompt word begins with 'J'. Based on the poem below, can you guess what emotion/etc. I've depicted?  Looking forward to your guesses in the comments!  Here goes:

A wicked temptress stalks her prey tonight,
With graceful gait, hips sway to generate
Heart’s sweet desires; mine slowly swells with hate,
The fires of lust sparked in the dark ignite.
Across the room the albatross takes flight,
As if on feathered feet she floats; too late
To stop her stealth approach toward my date,
I sense at once she has him in her sight.

A brush of lips, he whispers in my ear,
I turn; my face is mirrored in his eyes,
Words uttered so no one will overhear,
His hands direct me, to the door they steer,
Last glance I see her glare and realize,
Her jealousy's not veiled by silent jeer.

Any idea what emotion inspired this poem? (Hint: I wrote this a couple years ago prompted by the same word, and it appears in this poem :D)

BTW, this is a Petrarchan, or Italian Sonnet.  A Petrarchan Sonnet is a fourteen line poem distinguished by its strict iambic pentameter and rigid rhyme scheme: abba abba cdc cdc (Sicilian sestet). The first eight line stanza, the octave, establishes the theme and developes the poem in a certain direction. The ninth line is the turn which heralds a distinct change in tone from the octave. The second stanza, or the sestet, introduces a new development in a different direction, with the first tercet carrying this new direction to a definite point; and the final tercet bringing the theme to a conclusion.

Be sure to visit Jessica's Blog and read her 'J' entry!  See you over there :))