Thursday, October 27, 2011

NaNo Gauntlet Throw Down

All right, after walking around with a NaNoWriMo gauntlet in my hand, fingering its tanned texture, putting it to my nose and inhaling its organic, rawhide perfume, and examining the crease points down its palm, I'm throwing it down.  It's no matter that my last NaNo experience produced a 50k+ (though incomplete) manuscript that I was never able to finish.  No matter that I have family flying in from out-of-state to enjoy Thanksgiving at my house.  No matter that I'm training for my second half-marathon.  I'm going for it.  I'm doing NaNo this year!

But won't it be too much for you, silly girl?

Why no, it won't.  Here's my reasoning:

So what that the first NaNo novel was a disaster in word vomit?  I wasn't prepared, last time.  I had an idea for my main plot and for the protag and the antag.  This time, I have a well-organized project with complete character sketches for all the major cast members, a plot (with actual plot points!), that has been broken down into three chunks representing the beginning of the book, the middle, and the end, and 38 scene cards  -- each index card bears a scene goal and notes -- to guide my draft.  At least this time, my word vomit will be organized and revision-able.  (<-- pretty sure that's not a word.  See? I'm embracing the spirit of NaNo all ready!)

So what if I have family coming in for a whole week in November?  Last time I did NaNo, I hit the 50K mark in the third week of the month -- well before Thanksgiving.

So what if I'm running five days a week?  The half-marathon is in March 2012.  I have plenty of wiggle room before my training becomes uber-intense.  P-l-e-n-t-y of time!

So, what about you?  You in?  Or are you still arguing with yourself about whether NaNo 2011 is for you?  Talk to me about your concerns or planning/lack thereof in the comments.  I will be sending return emails this week.  Everyone needs NaNo support!

Also, they're still working to get the Buddies tab back up and running at  Once it's operational, let's be buddies! I'm Nicole Ducleroir, over there too :))  (I'm getting my profile together and it'll be filled out and pretty by the day's end.)

Hope to hear from you! :D