Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Literary Fiction Crusaders

Short post today because I'm sooo behind visiting all my awesome fellow Crusaders' blogs this week.  It seemed wrong to keep posting on my own blog when I haven't reciprocated the lovely visits I've enjoyed.  So instead, I'd like to introduce you to the kindred spirits in my Crusading Group.

These authors are literary fiction's newest voices!  Check them out today  J

Group 12 – Literary Fiction 

1. Claire Gregory (All the World's Our Page) Literary fiction, adult fiction (focussing on Australian family saga and First World War topics) 

2. LV (Literary Friction) [Twitter] Literary fiction, erotic fiction, contemporary, psychological 

3. Pam Parker (Finding Meaning with Words) [Twitter] Literary fiction (novel and short stories) 

4. Nicole Ducleroir (One Significant Moment at a Time) [Twitter] Literary fiction, women's lit, mainstream 

5. Nikki (Raising Marshmallows) Picture books, YA, Literary Fiction 

6. Pensheep (A Writerly Pensheep) [Twitter] Speculative fiction, literary fiction 

7. Linda Katmarian (Scheherezade's Journal) Mainstream fiction, literary fiction

8. Danette (There's a place I dream) [Twitter] Literary fiction

9. Len L (Conversations with Self) MG, Literary women’s fiction

10. Tina DC Hayes (Tina DC Hayes, Author at Large) Romantic suspense, literary fiction

11. Alberta Ross (Alberta's Sefuty Chronicles) [Twitter] Dystopian (post apocalyptic post-climate change speculative science fiction) 

And for a full list of the talented writers taking part in this Crusade, visit this page at Rachael Harrie's blog!

Have a fantastic Hump Day!