Saturday, April 30, 2011

'Z' is for...??

We made it to ‘Z’!!  I’ve really enjoyed the A-Z Blogfest because it’s had me writing flash fiction every single day.  I’m horribly burnt out and need a serious break, but it’s been a wonderful and wild ride.  My heartfelt thanks to the talented Jessica Bell for coming up with the idea to practice ‘show, don’t tell’ skills using an A-Z list of emotion/feeling/state of mind prompt words.  It was a brilliant concept, Jess!

And so, for the last time this year, you will find below a short excerpt in which a character depicts an emotion/feeling/state of mind, this time beginning with the letter ‘Z’.  Can you guess, based on my writing, what that prompt word is?  Leave your guess in the comments, and then follow the link to Jessica’s blog.  Easy-peesy!

Here we go:

The parade snaked its way down the block toward the intersection of Piedmont and First.  Colors sparkled under the morning sun, brightening the city as thumping Euro-dance music ebbed and flowed on the breeze.  A cop stood under the traffic lights, directing the marchers around the right hand turn.  His stoic face was chiseled in stone, his eyes hidden behind black aviator shades.

In the advancing crowd, a bearded man in a fluffy, flowered skirt passed by.  Graying chest hair peeked out over the edge of his yellow tube top, and silver socks twinkled in the sun.  He pushed a neon pink stroller with a beagle wearing a Hawaiian lei for a collar riding inside.

Behind him rode five scooters side-by-side.  Each was a different color from the rainbow, and each driver was shirtless, his torso body-painted to match the color of his ride.

Partial nudity was a common sight.  Some of the marchers wore chaps paired with g-string thongs.  One opted for simply a pair of bootie shorts and a peacock tail, fashioned out of long, colorful, balloon artist’s balloons.

The cop stood, statue-still, silent.  Three men dressed like butterflies flit over to him.  “Here, honey!” one sang.  “Here’s a little sparkle to brighten you up!”  He dropped a beauty queen-style sash over the policeman’s head and let it drape across his chest before dancing off to rejoin his friends.

The cop looked down at the yellow sash with its rainbow sequin border.  It bore one word: Pride.  Despite himself, the cop grinned.


Any idea what ‘Z’ word I’ve depicted here?  I look forward to your comments!

Thanks so much for sharing this blogfest experience with me!  Your thoughts and comments each day have made it so enjoyable.  Looking forward to having more time to visit all your blogs on a more regular basis, now that this blogfest is OVER!  J

Jessica Bell’s last blogfest entry is HERE.  Pop over to read her creative genius inspired by our ‘Z’ prompt word.  See you there!