Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cyber BFFs in REAL life -- and a Blog Hop

Me, DL, and Summer

I had the enormous pleasure in meeting up with DL Hammons (Cruising Altitude) and Summer (...and this time concentrate!) for brunch on Saturday.  Summer and I had met once before, a couple weeks ago, but this was our first time meeting DL in person.  I was sooooo excited -- and we had a great time together!

Each of our significant others joined the party.  I hope Kim, Evan and Christian don't mind me putting their pics up.  (Call or email me, quick, if they do!)

Evan and Summer -- such a great couple
DL and Kim -- In town for the LSU game.  Sooo glad they proposed we get together while they were in ATL!
Christian and me -- I took this...we have a LOT of pics like this, taken of us, by us :P

We talked writing, about our lives, our kids, our jobs.  We shared many laughs.  I was so happy to be there, with them.  What a day!  And, DL gave me a copy of his MS, bound with a hardcover and awesome cover art.  I'm a chapter in already and loving it.  What an amazing souvenir for the day!

If you are new to my blog, or haven't met DL or Summer yet, please shoot over and follow them.  I've known both are talented writers, having read excerpts of their work on their blogs.  Now I know they are wonderful people, too!  Here are their links again:  DL's blog  and  Summer's blog

Can't wait until we get together again!!

Psst!  Do you know about Karen Gowen's blog hop this weekend?  If you've come here today by way of her blog, hello!  Welcome!  Anyone else, click HERE to get in on the action!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!!