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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't Mess With Me

Living in the eye of the storm this week. I'm doing it all: nursing sick kids and husband while doing my best to stay healthy, supporting a sister who's facing troubling challenges in her life, holding down the household, and writing a series of articles on voice and tone in literature -- all while gearing up for Sunday's half-marathon race. My diet should be better...and I should be stretching and meditating more...but life is a juggling act that shifts along with my changing energy levels.

One way I'm going to recharge my batteries is by taking time off today to spend with Summer Frey. We're doing a little coffee shop writing, a little mall shopping, and eating a little lunch. Can't wait! She's the sweetest thing on earth and my only writer friend outside cyber-land.

Speaking of the series of articles I'm writing, I'd like to pose an opinion question to you:

When you hear the term "Voice in Literature," do you think it refers to the author's voice or to the voice of the main character? Is one more important than the other? Any random thoughts on voice?

Your input is greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful day :))