Saturday, April 16, 2011

'N' is for...??

Hard to believe we've reached the half-way mark of this crazy A-Z ride!  I've been having a blast working off the same list of prompt words as Jessica Bell.  My partner-in-prose and I create short excerpts 'showing' the emotion/feeling/state of mind that is our letter-word of the day.  We've  been asking our readers to try and guess the word we've depicted.  I've been having a blast, and I hope you've been enjoying the game, too!

Yesterday's word was 'Madness.'

Without further ado, I give you my 'N' entry:

"Wal-mart, Customer Service.  This is Brenda speaking."  Bored monotone.

"Good morning!  My name is Mary Manning, and yesterday I was in your store because I wanted to print some pictures with the self-serve machines.  Well, I got my camera out but then I realized the 'Prints-in-minutes' machines were out-of-order and only the 'Prints-in-an-hour' machine was available.  See, I didn't have an hour, 'cause I -- well, I won't bore you with my life story."  Giggles.


"So anyways, I've turned my house upside-down this morning searching for my camera, and I can't find it.  It's not in my purse, or in my car.  I've looked everywhere!  I have a very bad feeling I set it down next to the photo machines when I was in Wal-mart trying to figure out what to do, and left it behind by accident.  Did anyone turned in a digital camera?"

"No, miss."

"Huh.  Are you sure?  I mean, I can hold if you want to look around.  I really need my camera back."

"No one turned in a camera.  I'm sure."

"Well, okay.  Darn it."  Pause.  "I tell you what, let me give you my name and phone number, in case someone found it and just didn't have time to turn it in."

Snort.  "If you insist, miss.  Go ahead."

There you go!  Any idea what emotion/feeling/state of mind I've depicted here?  Go ahead and guess in the comments, and then I hope you visit Jessica's blog and see what creative entry she's come up with today.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!!