Thursday, March 10, 2011

GOT To Work It Out

It's been quiet on this blog.  The only muscles I've been working lately are trained in a place like there, in the image to the left.  My writing muscles?  Tight.  Cold.  Atrophied.

Is this what writer's block is?  When you stare at the screen and nothing, I mean NOTHING inspirational comes to mind?

I touch the computer keys; my fingertips settle into the grooves.  But they just sit there.

I grab a pen and notebook.  Go downstairs.  To a cafe.  To a park bench.  I doodle little cartoon characters.  They don't have arms.  They can't write, either.

Something's going to happen.  This has to pass!

But not today.   It's ten a.m., and I'm sick of staring at this monitor.
Think I'll go to the gym.

Hope you're having more writing luck than me today!