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Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Darth Vader

Though I'm not an avid football fan, I love the game and never miss the Super Bowl. In fact, Super Bowl Sunday has become a holiday in our house. And truth be told, it's mostly because we love to watch the commercials. Here's my pick for the best Super Bowl 2011 Commercial:

How cute is that?? I thought most of the other commercials were lackluster. I did love the Snickers add with Roseanne Barr and the iPhone add with Ozzy and Bieber.

Which Super Bowl ad topped your list?

And in unrelated news, here are a couple items of note:

My sweet sister -- who is a talented writer and poet, and who is my number one support system out here in the "real world" -- has launched a blog. She's going through what we all go through in the beginning: nervousness, searching for her "voice," wondering if anyone will want to read what she blogs, etc. I hope you'll shoot over there and help me make her feel welcome! You'll find her at Noelle Skeldon, Author.

Lastly, there's still plenty of time to sign up for the Bernard Pivot Blogfest, scheduled for February 16.  It's going to be a fun way to get to know each other better through our answers to M. Pivot's famous questionnaire -- the same one James Lipton uses at the end of Inside the Actor's Studio -- (questionnaire and blogfest instructions HERE) It'll be quick to post, fast to read everyone else's posts, and -- don't forget -- there's a giveaway involved!  Prizes will be revealed at the end of the week!  SIGN UP HERE :D

I'm going to make this a productive writing week.  What about you?  Best of luck reaching all your goals!