Sunday, April 3, 2011

'C' is For...?

Jessica Bell and I are A-Z Blogfest writing partners.  Today, we've chosen a word, a noun, that refers to a particular emotion / feeling / state of mind that starts with 'C'.  Based on our fictional paragraph(s), try to guess in the comments what emotion we've depicted.  Here's a hint for mine:  It's NOT the POV character who is 'showing' the emotion(/etc.).  It IS through the characterizations of the other character that you should base your guess.

Here goes:

I expected Catherine Pouvoir to be loud, since everyone who had ever spoken of her to me seemed to use the word 'fabulous.'  So rather than watching the doorway for her to make her entrance, I had my ears tuned while I read over my agenda for the day.  I heard no resounding laughter or boisterous clamour from an entourage, but I knew instantly that she’d arrived.  Every head in the room had turned in the same direction.

She stood in the doorway, indubitably commanding time and space.   Beauty emanated from her like the dazzling flecks of early morning sunlight reflected off the gently lapping water at a lake’s edge, blinding everyone brave enough to stare directly at it.   We all waited for some sort of cue from her, collectively unable to proceed without it.

Glancing at her wristwatch, her angular facial features quickened in comical disbelief.  "Impressive!" she said.   "You all must be incredibly punctual, if I’m the last one here!”  

Appreciative applause, sprinkled with laughter erupted from the room.

What emotion / feeling / state of mind is Catherine Pouvoir emanating?  Any guesses?  Leave it in the comments!  Thanks for reading, and please shoot over to Jessica's blog to read her 'C'emotion-inspired paragraph.  See you over there!